September 30, 2011

Acts of Intention

A tort or an intentional act arises when an individual has a clear intent to commit a wrongful act, which eventually results in personal injury. In most cases, it is not relevant whether the defendant intended to cause injury, or whether the injury sustained was more severe than what was intended. A simple intention to commit a wrongdoing is sufficient to make a valid case of intentional tort. If the intent of the defendant involves causing personal injury to the victim, it is likely to be treated as a criminal act.

From a legal standpoint, it may be difficult for the victims to win legal damages from a defendant who has committed an intentional tort. This is because most insurance providers do not provide coverage for intentional acts of wrongdoing. Some of the common intentional torts may include child abuse, assault and battery, and defaming of character. Criminal law will usually support lawsuits where the wrongdoer has committed an intentional wrongful act.

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